As a woman, I took for granted the “idea” that I would never lose my hair. I used to think balding was a man’s problem, but sadly I learned that is NOT the case.

When I was 26 years old, I started noticing patches.

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The picture above was taken in March 2015.

And in that same year around July, I lost so much hair that I ended up here:

(I circled the “Ask your stylist how you can enjoy smooth, frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks because I’m silly ūüėČ )

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I couldn’t manage the stress of picking locks of hair out of the drain anymore. I couldn’t deal with the fact that I noticed people in public noticing me. Balding is no doubt a very difficult thing for a woman to go through!

I raised my hands over my head in that moment because I knew I had to be strong. I had no other choice. Life had dealt me a card, and I had no choice but to go along with it.

With few other choices, I turned to wigs.

But despite how fun or cute a wig looked, I ran into another problem. Wigs are hot and itch! How could I comfortably wear one all day???? Were my choices be a bald woman or look decent and be miserable?

I hated wigs—at first.

After wearing cheap synthetic wigs¬†that didn’t look nor feel that good, I knew there had to be something better.

I discovered¬†several “cranial prosthesis” places who wanted to charge thousands of dollars for (basically) a wig. On a school teacher’s budget, I knew I could never afford what I needed, but I also know that appearances are¬†essential for my livelihood. Because I spend most of my life being looked it, I need¬†to feel confident ABOUT the way I look.

When I teach a lesson on Romeo and Juliet, I need¬†my students to pay attention to the subtle nuances of the characters and appreciate Shakespeare’s genius/ NOT jeer¬†in the back of the room about their balding female teacher (EMBARRASSING!!!)

So, I have come to appreciate the value of a good quality natural human hair wig.

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Yes, this my Brazilian Loose all natural human hair wig!


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As a person living with AA, it is important to NEVER allow that to stop me from living my life to the FULLEST.


That’s why I love wearing these all natural wigs that feel like real hair and stay on! Seriously, no one would know I was wearing a wig if I did not tell them. Also, it does not have that chemical stink that is so common in cheap synthetics. It feels, looks, and smells¬†like real hair (BECAUSE IT IS REAL HUMAN HAIR!!!).


Not only can I do yoga, I can also swim, shower, and do any activity that I could with my normal hair.

So, I started Hairy Hippy Wigs, Extensions, and Lashes to make it possible to look fabulous without going bankrupt because I know I’m not the only one who’s suffered.

EVERYONE deserves to FEEL beautiful :).

Unlike the hair you are born with, when it comes to wigs/extensions, you get to choose who you want to be!


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And, if I wake up one day and want to be a blonde, so be it!


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